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Creating workspaces

Workspaces is the place where you collect your discussions, to-dos, documents and files all in one place.

  • You can create a workspace yourself, or accept an invitation to join one.
  • Only members have access to information inside a workspace.
  • No one can see a list of all the workspaces you belong to.

1) Click "Create a new workspace". It's located on the left side of your workspaces screen.

Create workspace 1

2) Name it! In the next screen, give a name and check what functionality you want to include. People generally name their workspaces after departments, clients, teams or projects (e.g. "HR", "Intranet" or "Project WMS")

Create workspace 2

3) Add your team. Find more about adding users here.

4) Your 're ready! Start with a post in the activity stream to fill people in e.g. on project details and get their feedback.

Create workspace 3

5) Make a To-do list. Create tasks, and assign them to people. Dated to-dos will appear on your Calendar.

Create workspace 4

6) Share documents and images. Upload files to the "Files" page. You can attach files to notes, comments and tasks as well.

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